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Re: re: Iridium to de-orbit their satellites?

At 09:51 AM 3/13/00 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>  AO16 is now doing a good job of just being a
>S-Band beacon for testing our P3D Sband capabilities.

AO-16's S-band transmitter was only turned on briefly, and has been off for weeks. At the moment AO-16 is working as a mode JD digipeater while it waits for upload of modified filesystem software.

It's also generating interesting telemetry, revealing that the spin rate is varying again. Perhaps when we've figured out why, we'll have learned a valuable lesson for the design of future spacecraft.

>GPS is only 50 baud but they still provide a great service...

I'm sure you realize that's a totally unfair statement. The 50 bit per second data stream is an auxiliary to the much faster (but not information-bearing) signal.

While we're making partial and misleading observations, I'll note that it's 50 bps per satellite. 24 satellites in a full constellation. Hmm, that's 1200 bps again!

73  -Paul

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