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Balloon Helium Final Answer

Here is the Monday Morning poop on Helium from the gas store...

Regular HP (Balloon gas)  99.995         291 CuFt for $92
High Purity               99.997
Zero Grade                99.998
Ultra High Purity         99.999
Chromatography            99.9995
Research Grade            99.9999        291 CuFt for $407

So, I was wrong in assuming that "balloon gas" was something watered
down and cheaper than 99.995%.  My apologies to those of you that
did respond about the high purities...


So the answer to what is inside the 4 day old half deflated balloon now is
AIR.  All the Helium has difused out, and the air has difused in...
We confirmed this with 2 tests:

1)  Weighed the half inflated balloon to 13.6 grams.  Deflated it (see #2)
    Measured it again to 13.6 grams.  (Free lift of that much helium
    would have been at least 20 grams)

2)  Inhaled it all.  Speech was normal. (Although some are convinced there
    is evidence of brain damage..)

So Our balloon will leave the ground on 1 April with 99.995% of the
calculated lift for the measured quantity of helium...  QED
Thanks for your patience..

de WB4APR, Bob

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