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Re: re: Iridium to de-orbit their satellites?

Hello Jon.

12 Mar 00 23:26, you wrote to Eric Rosenberg/Jennifer Gruber:

 JO> I don't think that's their fault.  Global telephone service is what
 JO> it
 JO> was designed to supply.  And it could do the job and do it well...if
 JO> there was a viable market for it.

This is probably the crux of the matter.  Here in Australia, there are large
areas which will probably never be covered by conventional mobile phones.
However, the people who live (and the sensible ones who travel) there are
prepared for this, and use HF radio, namely the RFDS network and the 4WD
network to communicate.  These days, a lot of outposts have landlines, and the
mobile users use HF, which can be used to make phone calls (at similar rates to
Iridium, IIRC), if necessary.  The difference is licence fees are much cheaper,
and you don't have to use it as a phone (and incur call charges) all the

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