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Re: Sunlight and Eclipse Periods

At 20:05 12-03-00 -0500, John Magliacane wrote:

>Although I have nothing with which to compare my results, they seem
>reasonable, and in some cases, are quite interesting.

Hi John,

You should be able to compare your results with Dave Cappellucci's "SATSPY"
progam. <www.satspy.com>

The real-time 3D graphic screen shows which part (if any) of the orbit is in
eclipse. It can be racked forward and back in time to see when the eclipses
begin and end.

If you require a minute by minute comparison, James Miller's "Plan10" and
later "Plan13" programs gave this information. The programs were written in
BBC basic for the BBS Acorn and Archimedes computers. An emlulator to enable
these programs to be run on a PC is <was> available on the AMSAT-UK web site. 

Regards, Bill...vk3jt

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