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Re: re: Iridium to de-orbit their satellites?

on 3/12/00 10:31 PM, Bob Bruninga at bruninga@nadn.navy.mil wrote:

> Jon, very good summary of the demise of the LEO's!
> Has anyone noted the similarity to our amateur LEO's...?  (or they
> probably did and I missed it).  But if we keep thinking in terms of
> amateur satellties that only do on orbit what we
> can now do on the ground, we also have a risky future...

Well, I CANNOT talk to Mexico every day on 2 meters terrestrial.  Yet I CAN
talk to XE1YVW just about everyday on one of the birds.  And when the solar
cycle minimum occurs, satellites like AO-10 and P3D will open propagation to
parts of the world where HF won't take you.

Satellites to us though are just fun.  We don't use them to make money.  And
there are hams willing to pay for the technology.

> We have a total of 10 birds that can use an FM mobile whip uplink.  We
> either use 'em or loose'em.  The three 1200 baud ones are virtually
> abandoned... already...!

Well, let's see AO16 is not really functional.  LO19 is also not really
functional.  No one sells a 1200 baud satellite modem any more.  Sure you
can make the uplink easy enough with your mod.  However, the downlink is
another story (OK, I guess Paccomm still may sell the PSK modems, but they
aren't cheap).

And how are we going to lose them?  They are going to be up there for quite
some time if they are in stable orbits.

> In case you missed it, anyone with a 2m FM mobile and a soundcard PC can
> uplink to AO16, LO19, and IO26.  Anyone with a Kenwood APRS radio or
> anyone with a 9600 baud TNC can uplink to UO22, KO23, KO25, and TO31.

Are APRS users welcomed on the 9600 birds?

And the pain about the 1200 birds is that I can't just do it from my TH-D7A
or TM-D700.  I need extra equipment.



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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