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Future satellite rigs.

I just returned from the Charlotte hamfest and learned that the IC-821H has 
discontinued.  I had been planning on purchasing a new unit for the birds but 
what I understand it would be very tough to find this unit.  I was told by an 
Icom rep
that they do intend to design a new satellite system, though it may be a 
while before
it's on the market.  When asked if they are planning on following the Jone's 
with the
all in one trend that Yeasu may have tried to start, the fellow I was 
speaking with
from Icom clearly stated that they plan on sticking to a dedicated design, 
which I for
one was pleased to hear.  At any rate, I'm sure it will be something worth 
waiting for.
As far as Kenwood goes, they still remain mysterious about what if anything 
is in the
works but it sounds as though they are developing something.  Personally, I 
they will stay dedicated in their design as well and not go with an all in 
one type rig.
Anyway, it should be interesting to see what choices we may soon have in good
dedicated gear.  I had considered the 847 and have been watching the exchanges
between 847 owners on their web site but am just a little underwhelmed by the
varied types of discrepancies folks are finding in the unit.  Besides, I'm 
still very
satisfied with the ICOM-765 HF station I've run for eleven years now.  So, it 
looks like
good things may be just around the corner for satellite enthusiasts.
73 - Steve
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