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Re: This is the last place I'd thought I'd see the "Millennium Mistake"

At 10:13 PM 03/11/2000 -0800, Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST (KD6FYT) wrote:

>I never though with all the engineers, physicists and other pure science
>types on this list that any of you would fall for the "Millennium Mistake"
>(otherwise known as the Millennium Hype).

>We may have left the 1900's behind, but we have not yet celebrated the
>2000th Birthday of the current era.  We will all start the Third Millennium
>(despite the desire of the populous and Fifth Avenue the believe otherwise)

>Please note tongue in check and automatic sprinkler system charged)

When, for convenience, I use the word "Millennium" and people call me on
it, I always qualify by saying "by the odometer turnover method."   :-)

Now, on to more pressing matters:

1.  Answer the ancient question, "How many angels can dance on the head of
a pin?" assuming that the pin is in a stable circular polar orbit 600 km
above the earth.  Please include precise definitions for the words "angel,"
"dance," "head," and "pin," and take into account General and Special
Relativity and current String Theory.

2.  If an APRS packet is sent from the forest, and no satellite is within
range to hear it, is it really there?

3.  How many liters of helium would it take to lift Bob "Balloon Man"
Bruniga to a height of 10,000 meters?  Assume Bob is equipped with
requisite protective clothing, dual parachutes and oxygen, and is carrying
a Kenwood TH-D7A and a Palm Pilot.

(the preceding was sponsored by Mel Brooks' Support Group for the
Excessively Serious.  Any resemblance of the preceding to the Journal of
Irreproducible Results is, er, um...  ah, let's not go there...)

Peter, KD7MW

--- Peter
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