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Re: PJ8 Sint Maarten

Hello Frank.

11 Mar 00 14:44, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 FG> ribs.  Rx HT in right hand with the antenna.  Tx HT in left hand.
 FG> Also lean over to tune the Rx for Doppler. (can also sneak the right
 FG> thumb around the VFO knob as well, if need to make adjustment on the
 FG> fly). Antenna can be controlled with one hand, Doppler with the
 FG> other.<<
 FG> Hummm...  Well, I have a dual band HT, and don't seem to have the
 FG> knack of it yet.  Maybe it takes some experience?  <s>

Hehe, that does help. :-)

 FG> I'm thinking of mounting the antenna on a camera tripod, but then I
 FG> will wind up having different polarity on 2mtrs and 70cms.  Do I need
 FG> to mount the antenna at a 45 degree angle?  This would seem to make
 FG> the antenna less useful for terrestrial work, though I suppose it
 FG> should work on the satellites.

It should be fine for satellites, but the problem here is you lose the ability
to rotate the antenna to correct for polarisation errors.  This is where CP
antennas and a relay switching scheme become most useful.


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