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This is the last place I'd thought I'd see the "Millennium Mistake"

I never though with all the engineers, physicists and other pure science
types on this list that any of you would fall for the "Millennium Mistake"
(otherwise known as the Millennium Hype).

1. If you were born January 1, 1991, How old were you 1/1/2000? Answer: 9
years old.

2. If you were born January 1, 1901, How old were you 1/1/2000? Answer: 99
years old.

1. If you were born January 1, Year 1, (in other words the first day of the
new calendar) How old were you 1/1/2000? Answer: 1999 years old.

We may have left the 1900's behind, but we have not yet celebrated the
2000th Birthday of the current era.  We will all start the Third Millennium
(despite the desire of the populous and Fifth Avenue the believe otherwise)

--Please note tongue in check and automatic sprinkler system charged)


Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST (KD6FYT)
Board Certified Safety Professional
kd6fyt@amsat.org (among others)

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On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Brian Wruble wrote:

> This gets my nomination for best thread of the millenium (so far) :,)
> Brian W3BW

New Year, maybe.  But millenium?  Probably not.  :-)

73, de John, KD2BD

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