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Useless information??

Hi Malc...

>>Yesterday... I copied ONIAPG @Q5. Today G4AJG.....I did try putting a 
signal in but with tongue in cheek Is this a abnormal occurrence or can any of 
you guys copy with the a simular setup?<<

Not at all...

I can hear most high angle passes with an HT and duckie, and work a few 
minutes of a long pass at its closest approach with a 19 in. flexible whip (a 
"Kulduck," or horsewhip type) antenna.  I stand on the Coney Island boardwalk 
as far from the apartment buildings as possible.

I've also tried working the satellites from inside my steel "fireproof" frame 
apartment building, but I've only been able to work SunSat.  I should be 
able to work UO-14 because it's almost as loud, but seem to have a cable TV 
carrier or something near the frequency.  I can hear AO-27 on my indoor 
antenna at times but not strong or long enough to make contacts.  I can make 
AO-27 contacts now and then with the HT and flexible antenna outdoors, though.

So, you may be pleasantly surprised and make some contacts...

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