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PJ8 Sint Maarten

Hi Tony...

>>OK, how I do it...  Hold antenna in right hand, rear end of boom butted into
ribs.  Rx HT in right hand with the antenna.  Tx HT in left hand.  Also lean
over to tune the Rx for Doppler. (can also sneak the right thumb around the 
VFO knob as well, if need to make adjustment on the fly). Antenna can be 
controlled with one hand, Doppler with the other.<<

Hummm...  Well, I have a dual band HT, and don't seem to have the knack of 
it yet.  Maybe it takes some experience?  <s>

I'm thinking of mounting the antenna on a camera tripod, but then I will wind 
up having different polarity on 2mtrs and 70cms.  Do I need to mount the 
antenna at a 45 degree angle?  This would seem to make the antenna less 
useful for terrestrial work, though I suppose it should work on the 

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