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X or +

I found the comments on mounting the sat antennas as a X or
+  interesting.  I used the Hi Gain sat antennas for about
7-8 years with good luck. They were mounted as a X. When
they started going bad I changed to KLM, for one reason they
were made about 10 miles from where I live. The KLM antennas
are mounted as a  +.  Always looking for a better mouse
trap, I thought I would try changing to a X mount.

The manual on each antenna shows the + mount. I found that
to change to a X mount I would have to drill new holes in
the 435-40CX antenna as the mounting holes are pre drilled
for a + mount.

I found on the 2M-22CM antenna I would have to move the
antenna aprox.. 6 inches back as at the balance point has a
element  in line with the fiberglass boom. (This is most
likely because I have the coax running down the antenna and
do not  have the heavy weight of the coax hanging off the
back.) This would throw the balance off unless I installed a
counter weight on the front end.

On another subject of having the coax hang off the back as
almost all pictures show ( KLM also says to hang it off the
back) I also do as Roy mentioned about routing it down the
boom and the antenna. After a couple years of repairing
cables that caught on things, I tried running it down the
boom and antenna and have found nothing wrong with it. In
fact once in a while the antenna will go past 90 degree and
no more fouled cables.

I really would like to talk to KLM about the mounting, but
as you know they are no longer in business and I do not know
if Bruce and Bob are still ion  the area.

I am not a antenna specialist and definitely do not want to
start anything. Just another comment.

Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA

Amsat 24279

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