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Re: P3D Telemetry and Experiment Data

At 05:38 PM 3/10/00 +0000, James R Miller wrote:
>On Mar 08, Mike  <Zeus@myth.demon.co.uk> wrote
>  > What I propose is an archive in the form of an FTP site or similar to
>  > which people can submit raw data dumps which may be used in the future
>  > to derive long term performance data. 
>    See, for example:
>     http://www.amsat.org/amsat/satinfo/ao13

Umm, that's ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/satinfo/ao13

I would very much like to have a more "active" archive for P3D, and for that matter for any other satellite that transmits telemetry. I've been meaning to set up a system where any groundstation could submit telemetry copy via a web page or FTP location, and the submitted telemetry would automatically be integrated into a database online (with duplicates removed, and maybe some "scoring" for an incentive). Then there'd be a query interface on the web where anybody could pull reports based on certain criteria, maybe even online graphs and other whiz-bang features.

Doing all that stuff takes a minute to describe, but many many hours to implement. If anybody out there with the appropriate programming skills (Unix, database, CGI, whatnot) wants to take this on, let's talk.

73  -Paul

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