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Re: threat to 2.4 GHz.?

Hello Clifford.

10 Mar 00 10:16, you wrote to Andrew Reynolds:

 CB> Andy and Tony, both of you are NOT in any way foolish about this 2.4
 CB> Gc threat.  Laura is one big polyanna with eyeshades.  This is a real,
 CB> hard core threat.  What really has me put off is that I am in the
 CB> design phase of a "picosat" with output on 2400 MHz.  The breadboard
 CB> is has not been completed and we have to worry about QRM from
 CB> non-licenses sources! Cliff K7RR

Being in the city, and likely to actually use some of these devices for their
intended purpose, I may be able to do some good testing of the effect of a SS
2400 MHz device on satellite downlinks, when both are properly installed with
directional antennas pointing in the right directions.

Have to get the P3D downconverter running.


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