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RE: Re: UO-14 digital looptest 9600bps and 1200bps

Hello Chris.

10 Mar 00 15:13, you wrote to 'M. Wakita':

 CJ> Doing this sort of loopback however isn't efficient and isn't the same
 CJ> as digipeating.  With the analogue loopback the signal is not
 CJ> regenerated in the way that it is when used via a digipeater.

You _will_ get degredation of the modulated data waveform, as there is no
regeneration on the satellite now, and any errors in the frequency, phase or
step response of the transponder are additive, as well as Doppler errors and
the like.  Also, while the individual Tx and Rx are 9600 baud capable, what
about the analogue interconnection between the two?


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