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Re: Whats in Helium?

>Helium is a noble gas, that it is not a natural occurring gas.  It is not made
>by compressing the atmosphere air.  It is a United States strategical element

Uh, Helium *does* occur naturally, though it is present in the earth's
atmosphere only in trace amounts. That's because the thermal velocity
of a helium atom at earth temperatures exceeds the earth's escape
velocity, i.e., the earth's gravity cannot retain it in its
atmosphere. This means helium is not a renewable resource; once you
let it go into the atmosphere, it is gone forever.

The primary source of helium is as a constituent of certain natural
gas supplies, primarily in the US. It is produced over geologic time
(i.e. very slowly) by the alpha decay of naturally occurring
radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium; an alpha particle is
merely the nucleus of a helium atom.

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