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Help... down to the last two cables.

Evening Ya-all,

	Sorry to ask this question again, but I can't find the
original message.

	I am in the final hours of building my satellite antenna
system.  Tower is up, rotors mounted, everything calibrated,
all that is left is to pull the SSB preamps off the Tri-band J-
pole and mount them in the box on the tower, then run some
flexible cable from the pre-amps to the antennae.  I was not
able to get a fiber-glass cross boom yet, so I am using a 10
foot radio shack mast section.  Total coax length is about 70 ft,
and the amps will be mounted in a box on the tower, about
20 feet of coax from the antennae.

	If I remember the message right, I should mount the 
antennae in an X pattern rather than a + pattern.  Is that 

	With luck, I could have it finished tomorrow evening.
If not, it will be sometime Sunday.  I am shooting an IPSC
match Saturday, and don't expect to have time to finish the
job that day.

	Looking forward to OF-20 and 29, AO-27, and SO-35.
And of course, P3D in the future.

	Anybody wants pictures of the remote amp box etc, 
I will be glad to share.

Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
kd9kc@elp.rr.com  -  kd9kc@amsat.org
Home page: http://www.qsl.net/kd9kc/
The farthest WEST ham in West Texas.
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