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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - Help... Y2K, I think...

		HELP...Y2K, I think...

		I have been suspecting my predictions! 
		It began when I wasn't getting any joy with UO-14 since
earlier in the week.

		!?!  Y2K  !?!
		My systems *seem* to have had a post-29FEB Y2K snafu
(Situation Normal, All F&#*$@ Up) and I get only a very few satellites that
bear even any remote resemblance to reality (as detailed in
"heavens-above".) Yesterday, I went "heavens-above"
(http://www.heavens-above.com/ ) predictions and ran a listing for VK1
(Australian Capital Territory - within which is the city of Canberra) and
then checked them against my systems. Their 'given' location is probably
only about 10km of my QTH - - as the saying goes, "close enough for
Government work". 

		I'm currently using WinOrbit 3.6 and, when I checked only a
few days ago before my IT machine had a quite unrelated problem, my IT
agreed very well with WinOrbit!

		I'm running M$ Windoze 95 on Pentium (slowish) machines,
with BIOSs of 1996 and earlier. (The one most obvious is an Award Modular
v4.50G BIOS.)

		I tried: 
(1)	setting Windoze on the 'proper' time zone - - without "summer time"
that is still applying in Eastern Australia - - and also turning to the
"manual" summer time setting...
(2)	setting the system date to both the one behind and the one ahead and
then mentally correcting within the prediction program to compare to

		Is Windoze my problem?
		Could I trick IT by fiddling with the setting 
		TZ=[zone name]-35[summer zone name]
		(i.e. my usual summer zone is -11, minus 24 (or should it be
add 24 = 13)

		I can also run IT on a 286 if necessary... but that will
take some serious 'shack archaeology'. 

		Any suggestions (sent direct) would be appreciated.

		Peter VK1KEP

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