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P3D Telemetry and Experiment Data

Without wishing to tempt fate...

I am one of a significant number of Amsatters that aren't particularly
interested (or in my case can't afford to be) in the actual
communications facilities, but more in the performance of the hardware.
When P3D eventually flies, I won't be in a position to grab much
telemetry or data from onboard experiments, but I guess there will be
quite a number of people around the world that log this data as a matter
of course. Now, a few of the older sats have some partial telemetry
archives, but P3D will additionally have much more experimental data
available, to which a fair few of us will not have access. 

What I propose is an archive in the form of an FTP site or similar to
which people can submit raw data dumps which may be used in the future
to derive long term performance data. I'm sure the main command station
will monitor it regularly, but most of us don't have access to that kind
of archive. Personally, I would rather see raw experiment data (such as
NASA provide for Voyager etc), and play around with my own software to
extract information. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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