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Re: SEDSat Supporters

Hello All,

Thank you for your on going support for the SEDSat-1 (SO-33) satellite
program.  We at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) would
like to thank you all.  If you have any suggestion how this program can be 
improved please send in your comments.  We are evaluating the current status 
of the entire program.  With your help gathering SEDSat telemetry has been a 
great success.  We have accumulated over 18,000 lines of telemetry and we 
are looking to continue receiving it.  The telemetry can be accessed through 
the SEDSat database (see the UAH-SEDS website 
<http://uah.seds.org/projects/sedsat/>).  Chris Lewicki dutifully kept the 
database updated for over a year.  He deserves a great amount of thanks.  
The solar panel data as well as the battery data is very useful.  A graduate 
student, Daniel Slosberg, is currently conducting a comprehensive study of 
the data. He is studying the efficiency of the solar panels and the 
durability of the batteries.  Your help in gathering the telemetry has 
greatly helped our ability to accumulate such a great amount of data.  We 
are looking forward to your continued support in gathering the data.  Being 
that SEDSat has been a fairly successful student built satellite we would 
like to continue gathering as much of her telemetry as possible.  If you can 
suggest ways we can achieve this goal please let us know. As you may know 
SEDSat is not receiving Tx, but her telemetry package can be received on 
437.910 MHz.  To be able to decipher the data you will need to download the 
most recent copy of the ground station software, SGS 20 
<http://uah.seds.org/projects/sedsat/SGS20.zip>.  Please see the
SEDSat main page for a more complete description of the software,
<http://uah.seds.org/projects/sedsat/>.  If you are receiving SEDSat
telemetry please send it to <telemetry@seds.org>.

Take care all and good luck to your continuing amateur radio
adventures. Please let me know if you have any difficult with the SEDSAT 
website and the database. Please see the below for and example for the 

Jason Rupert
Huntsville, AL

SEDSat Database Example One:
select Time, SolarPanel0 from telemetry
where SolarPanel0 > 0
and SolarPanel0 < 1000
order by Time

SEDSat Database Example Two:
SELECT avg(SolarPanel0) from telemetry
where SolarPanel0 > 0
and SolarPanel0 < 1000
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