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Re: Amplifiers

on 3/8/00 02:53, Matt Donohoe at TheRelic@dingoblue.net.au wrote:

> 23cm (1240-1300MHz Anything close)
> 13cm (2300-2400MHz Anything close)
> 5cm (5600-5760 Anything close)
> 3cm (10GHz Any Freq)
> Ka/Ku(10/24GHz) Amplifiers are also welcome...
> Preferably in the Watts output range...
> Also, how good are "tube" amplifiers ?

To get "Watts" out at the higher frequencies, tube amplifiers are probably
the best choice.  Traveling wave tube amps can put out a good bit of juice,
but they are rather costly.  Klystrons will work as well.

For frequencies up to 2400 MHz, you can use LDMOS transistor devices to get
up to a couple hundred watts.  A company named Xemod, makes 50 Ohm modules
that put out up to 200 Watts out!  They are tuned for the commercial cell
phone bands, but they *might* be usable in ham bands.  Their webpage is

For frequencies above 2.4 GHz, you really need to use a tube type amp if you
wish to get anything more than a few watts.

Hope this helps.


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