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Re: threat to 2.4 GHz.?

Hello Andrew.

07 Mar 00 05:09, you wrote to ALL:

 AR>  I saw something yesterday that makes me wonder if there might be
 AR> a new threat to our amateur satellite allocations coming around
 AR> the corner.
 AR>  A relative of mine (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons)
 AR> asked me for some advice on a device they'd seen advertised on
 AR> TV. They'd videotaped a presentation on the thing (QVC, now you
 AR> know why the above name drop) where they talked about a system
 AR> that used a 2.4 GHz. transmitter to distribute TV and audio
 AR> signals over "an entire house" with what looked like a small
 AR> omni antenna on top of the transmitter box.
 AR>  Now I know that the FCC allows these types of low-power devices,
 AR> but the signals that we're talking about from the satellites aren't
 AR> S-9, so I thought it might be a good idea to pass along a 'head up'
 AR> to all on the list on this one.

I have seen similar devices, but there's also cordless phones, wireless
networking and other devices.  They are generally spread spectrum and fairly
low power, so hopefully not too many problems if you use a fairly directional


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