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Re: Ultraviolet Degradation

>Cliff Buttschardt, K7RR, asked:
> >We need a material that can wrap around this small cube similar
> >to a rubber band around a newspaper and restrain the antenna 
> >elements that are to "pop" out at {after?} launch.  We need a 
> >material that is VERY susceptible to UV radiation rather than UV 
> >resistant.  The idea here is to allow the antennas to deploy when 
> >enough UV from the sun degrades the antenna restraint in orbit.  
> >Got any ideas what material to use?      

It's a good idea to check with whoever approves the payloads on this.
You'll be sharing space under the nose cone with other payloads and
they may be very much opposed to having any volatile materials near
their equipment, especially if it has optics that crud can condense
on.  For instance, I've heard that PVC is a big no-no on any space
vehicle because about half of it evaporates away in a vacuum.

Otherwise, your deployment method sounds ideal.

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