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Re: How to file complaint

At 08:59 AM 07-03-00 -0600, you wrote:
>What is the proper way to file a complaint with the FCC regarding an amateur
>who is operating in bands that their license does not allow and seems to
>think that it is cute and funny to operate in this type of manner?

Suggest starting with the informal route: find the very biggest, 
friendliest hams you know in the area (ham/cops are great for this) to go 
to his house, knock on his door, and politely explain the facts of life.

If that doesn't work, try the ARRL official observer route.

If that doesn't work, make some recordings and logs and other identifying 
observations.  Then, contact the nearest FCC Office.  (They're happier when 
you do most of their work for them.)  They'll do the rest.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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