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Re: Stensat

    Did the controller ever manage to switch it into Bent Pipe FM Mode or
    switch it into Telemetry mode?

Speculation was that it didn't come up properly after being (sub)launched
from Opal.  I heard something on its frequency soon thereafter, which had
responded to my carrier and exhibited a definite doppler shift as i would
have expected.  I tried to rouse a local satellite op. for an independent
confirmation at the time, but alas he was hopelessly caught up in a RTTY 
contest.  I never heard it again exhibit doppler.  At the time, i thought 
i might have heard myself on the downlink, but i later discovered that i
probbaly just passed through an anomoly in my transceiver while adjusting
for doppler.  Said anomoly is quite reproducible and exists in both of my
transceivers. Others also heard the same anomolous signals, but alas, the
satellite has not been heard from since to my knowledge.  Unless there's 
some secret reset sequence with which to revive it,  my guess is that it 
didn't survive the rigors of space...

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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