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RE: 1691MHz on the Cheap?

I am modifying the LO in a junk MMDS receiver.  By tuning the LO down to
about 1680ish you can get 137.5 out the back end.  The only problem is the
MMDS is pretty "deaf".  Mine, like most, measured about -60 dB so a 1.6 GHz
preamp will be needed.  One that I am looking at (probably will be too
noisy, but they are CHEAP) is the little line amps that are being sold for
about $7.00 that are used to boost the signal on a long run of cable from a
DBS dish back to the receiver.  A "cantenna" feed on an old C band dish
should get quite a bit of signal on the front end to start with.

I know one guy who has been using this set-up as his primary weather sat
receiver for years.  REAL rugged and basically free if you scrounge a bit.
I have not spent anything on mine, except the $14 for a surplus VCO to use
as the LO.  If I was better at microwave engineering I could have modified
the existing LO, but I figured that if I could get a full GEOS ground
station going for about $20, then that was close enough to free.


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