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Re: PJ8 Sint Maarten

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Frank Grossman wrote:

> They're smart to use a tripod.  I'm trying to figure out how one holds an 
> HT, while tuning the HT to track doppler, and holding the PTT to transmit.  
> Do satellite guys have three arms, tripods, or what.  <s>.

But using a tripod gives up a few dB in polarization optimization.  But
with the Arrow, you may not need every dB.  And the convenience is
certainly a consideration.

Also, the Arrow uplink and downlink are cross polarized, so although I
think we have a tendancy to align for the best downlink, this actually
tends to make your uplink be in the wrong polarization.  You might
consider aligning for the best down link and then rotating about 45
degrees.  This only drops your donwlink a few dB while making sure that
your uplink is not in the crosspolarized null...

Just a thought...


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