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UO-14 online liaison

Hello All.

I've been trying to tee up a QSO with a VK4 friuend I chat with online.
Tonight, we finally got the chance to try it out, so we went to our respective
operating positions during the pass.

Unfortunately, the QSO wasn't successful, due to the other end having downlink
problems.  At the time, 2 VK1s also failed to make a contact due to downlink

I realised that unlike our Norhtern Hemisphere friends, we aren't used to FM
birds with weak downlinks, and it's catching a few of the newcomers off guard.
Unfortunately, this has 2 negative side effects (besides the obvious QRM caused
if people don't follow etiquette).  The problems are ones of frustration.  Thos
of us who _can_ hear the downlink can't let the other operators know, unless by
luck, we happen to be nearby, and the operators with the downlink may become
frustrated and put satellites in the "too hard" basket.

To overcome these issues, I am willing to trial a liaison "net" on IRC.  The
purpose of the net if for new VK and ZL satellite operators to come up and swap
notes on the pass in real time (or near real time).  Newcomers are encouraged
to join the net, and also monitor UO-14's downlink.  Any "alligators"
(hopefully we won't get any) can be mentioned in the channel, not to be told
off, but in the hope they're watching and can find out they have downlink
problems, and get some pointers from the more experienced people.

The details of the net are as follows:

IRC network : Austnet (go to http://www.austnet.org for info and server details
(mIRC has several Austnet servers listed in its default config files).

Channel: #UO-14

Nicknames:  Please try and use your amateur callsign, if possible.  Makes it
easier to know who is who on air and online (seeing VKxxxx or ZLxxx and
listening for them on air is easier than trying to associate nicknames with

The channel is intended for VK/ZL amateurs (well, I can't monitor US passes,
etc :) ), but is other interest parties overseas want to start their "nets" in
the channel, feel free to drop in

Both newcomers to satellite operation and experienced ops (to act as "Elmers")
are most welcome.

I will be QRV in #UO-14 up to an hour before the first pass over Melbourne,
Australia (typically 11:00 - 12:00 UTC).

Cya there and on the real UO-14!


.. Forecast for tonight: mostly dark.
|Fidonet:  Tony Langdon 3:633/284.18
|Internet: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au
| Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.

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