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Re: PJ8 Sint Maarten

Hello Frank.

05 Mar 00 21:04, you wrote to ALL:

 FG> They're smart to use a tripod.  I'm trying to figure out how one holds
 FG> an HT, while tuning the HT to track doppler, and holding the PTT to
 FG> transmit.  Do satellite guys have three arms, tripods, or what.  <s>.
 FG> Well, maybe I'll stick to my long rubber duckie antenna for the direct
 FG>  overhead passes 'til I figure this one out.

OK, how I do it...  Hold antenna in right hand, rear end of boom butted into
ribs.  Rx HT in right hand with the antenna.  Tx HT in left hand.  Also lean
over to tune the Rx for Doppler. (can also sneak the right thumb around the VFO
knob as well, if need to make adjustment on the fly).

Antenna can be controlled with one hand, Doppler with the other.


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