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Re: ISS Call sign RZ3DZR

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Jon Ogden wrote:

> on 3/3/00 9:54 PM, Arthur H Feller at w4art@AMSAT.Org wrote:
> > Between us, I am very concerned that one administration is willing to
> > assign such a call sign to a uniquely international project.  But, that is
> > a separate issue.  Suggest reading the proceedings from the IARU meeting in
> > San Diego for more on the subject of call signs.
> Why the heck are the Russians taking the lead in all the space station stuff
> anyhow.  This was supposed to be an AMERICAN station as originally
> envisioned by President Reagan.  We are footing most of the bill for it, why
> don't we have an American callsign on board?  Then we wouldn't have any
> issues of any kind like that.
> 73,
> Jon
Why are the Russians involved? Simple, can you say Salyut 1,2,3....7
plus Mir?
They *are* the acknowledged masters of getting people into space
on space stations and keeping them alive (the Salyut 1 crew died
after leaving the station due to a failed pressure relief valve
in thier Soyuz capsule). Their hardware is tested in the field,
not a CAD screen, and they know how to fix things when they
(eventually) break.
Do we absolutely need them along for the ride? Maybe not, but if
it were my butt up there, I'd sleep a lot sounder with them around!

My $0.02..........


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