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Re: UHF Egg Beater II

    ... wire have all behaved the same.  I've got over 100 hours into this one
    non-working antenna, and would happily accept any suggestion.

Yeah, one simple one, which you've already given me a hint about:

    ... small vertical I have for UHF.  I am feeding the loops in parallel (I
    haven't gotten to the phase line yet).  The little pigtails that feed the
    loops are as short as physically possible (around 5/8 of an inch).

Do the phasing harness.  I don't expect anything plausible in terms of
pattern until you do that.  Look at the plots in my earlier posting to
see what having a modest dimenional error does to the pattern.  Feeding
them in-phase rather than 90 degrees out of phase is surely not going 
to do good things to pattern, and probably not impedance. either.  I
can simulate it for you if you're skeptical but i don't feel i need to
do that to make this suggestion.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

P.S.  I hope you can figure this one out, as i'd really like to have a QRP
contact with South Dakota via AO-27 or UO-14.
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