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Publicity Special Event & a new movie, Frequency

  After seeing that you can find/buy/use any 2-way radio or wireless
device, message system, phone or satellite/computer without being a HAM
these days, I' was getting a little depressed about the future of the
hobby.  But was slowly concluding that its not the TECHNOLOGY, its what WE
DO WITH it that makes our hobby fun.  I was going to post a get-out-n-play
message, but then saw this message (below).  Maybe it is a great
opportunity!  Set up a table outside your local Movie theatre and show
your stuff!  A Great All-American HAM-day.

de WB4APR, Bob

 On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Rob Levine wrote:

 > Maybe you've heard that there's a new movie coming out, "Frequency",
 which features ham radio as a significant element of the story line.
 <snip>  The sci-fi linchpin, however, is with Amateur Radio: the dad's
 activity in the hobby, dad's old "real", glows-in-the-dark radio, and the
 unprecedented solar conditions...
>  I'd like to propose that we, our clubs, and as many other hams as we
 can pull in, conduct a Special Event to mark the opening of the movie...
 <snip> > The movie is due to be released Friday, April 28, 2000...
 > We could set up outside area movie theaters, after proper coordination
 with their managers, and communicate with each other... <snip>
> Rob / W3RUM

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