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Keps for AO-27 and Oscar 14?

Hi Gang...

I recently updated the keps I use to run STS ORBIT PLUS, and seem to have a 
problem with those I got for AO-27.  Specifically I downloaded AMATEUR.TLE 
to replace TLE326.TXT.  I think I got AMATEUR from Dan Galloway's Satellite 
Tracking Page on Geocities.  (I can't seem to locate the correct bookmark 
right now.)

The AMATEUR file works fine for UO-14 (which it also calls UoSat 3, BTW), but 
does not seem to give me the correct results for AO-27.  I tried EyeSat, and 
got EyeSat A, which is NORAD # 22829, while EyeSat 1 in TLE326 gives 22825.  
And the bottom line is I did not hear AO-27 at the predicted time, but I did 
hear (and hear myself through) UO-14.

What is the correct designation for AO-27 in AMATEUR.TLE?  If this file is 
FUBAB'ed (I'll explain the acronym via private e-mail if you don't recognize 
it <s>), what's the best and most current file to use for correct pass times 
on AO-27, UO-14, and SunSat?  What designations will work?

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