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QRV Hellschreiber/FO birds

Hello all

I will be QRV FO-20 - Hellschreiber 435.880. today, March 5. Please e-mail
direct for a sked.

The Hellschreiber - Feld Hell mode is a narrow bandwidth (300hz) low duty
cycle (22%) keyboard mode that works with PC soundcards. Feld Hell is
similar to Fax or SSTV in that the pixels are "painted" on the screen
without the need for digital decoding as with RTTY.   Unlike Fax or SSTV
which must have constant keydown, Feld Hell's low duty cycle is contributed
to its CW like, on-off keying. The transmitter is ON for each black spot or
pixel in a text charactor, and OFF for every white space within the

Software - http://space.tin.it/computer/aporcino/Hell/index.htm
Fuzzy modes - http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/

Hope to CU there.
Tony , AB2CJ

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