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Re: SO-35 Parrot Mode

Hi Roger,

 > I'm confused...is Parrot Mode there to allow all users to confirm
 > that they are indeed hitting the satellite with an audio
 > confirmation...actually allowing "contacts" by many more people
 > (with lower ERP) access?.... 
 > ....or is it to be used as a simplex repeater which doesn't allow
 > you to monitor your "channel" before you use it...creating an even
 > more chaotic FM repeater situation? 
 > I'm sorry I missed that pass..

The parrot repeater was enabled so that all the alligators can listen 
to themselves for a while.

Jokes aside, it is mainly intended for demonstrations at schools, 
hamfests, etc.  I understand that a simplex satellite repeater on VHF 
will be accessible to many more hams (at least here in South Africa).

The mode was tested all over the world during the past two weekends 
to see if anyone was interested (and to give everyone something new 
to play with).  Some new applications and challenges might be 
invented (like Tony's tram contacts down under).  However, unless 
there are specific requests, the Mode B repeater will resume its 
normal operation next weekend.

Sunsat's current orbit affords a more generous power budget.  The 
repeaters could well be activated for some weekdays soon.  News on 
new digital modes will follow after the final testing of a software 
update, scheduled for the coming week.

Johann ZR1CBC

   JG Lochner  ESL, Universiteit van Stellenbosch
   e-pos:      lochner@ing.sun.ac.za
   webtuiste:  http://esl.ee.sun.ac.za/~lochner

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