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Re: Speaking of antennas...howbout a Lindenblad?

Hello Bob.

04 Mar 00 10:17, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 BB> Yeah,
 BB>    When you hold the antenna in your hand its a world of diffeence in
 BB> what you can do with it...  Im having fun playwing with new ideas...

Quite true.  I'd estimate that being able to (1) move the antenna in all 3
dimensions, and (2) compensate (manually) in real time for any fades gives me a
several dB advantage over those who can't hold their antennas in their hands.
:-)  In fact, I've dropped plans for CP antennas, as I can manually adjust
polarisation well enough in real time (UO-14 only shows slow polarisation
shifts with a LP antenna).


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