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Re: SO-35 Parrot Mode

In a message dated 00-03-04 11:01:07 EST, you write:

<< The Parrot Mode is simplex. Monitor 145.825 and you'll hear a single beep 
 tone followed by 10 secs of silence. This is when SO-35 is in "record" mode 
 and digitally stores what it hears for 10 secs. Immediately after this you 
 will hear 2 beeps and SO-35 plays back what it captured in the previous 10 
 secs. The cycle then repeats.
 It takes a little getting used to, but I did make 2 contacts. Have Fun!>>

I'm confused...is Parrot Mode there to allow all users to confirm that they 
are indeed
hitting the satellite with an audio confirmation...actually allowing 
"contacts" by many more people (with lower ERP) access?....

....or is it to be used as a simplex repeater which doesn't allow you to 
monitor your "channel" before you use it...creating an even more chaotic FM 
repeater situation?

I'm sorry I missed that pass..

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