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Re: USE OF 400.100 Mhz

On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, John Becker wrote:

> Just about the time I went in for knee surgery there was
> a post about satellites use of the frequency of 400.1
> for some type of doppler measurement. I lost the post

Since then, I was listening for the Falcon Sat launched with the last
bunch of amateur satlelites and I heard a strange signal pulsed at about 5
per second that seemed to be spread over the entire 400.3 to 400.1?
portion of the band.  I was listening in SSB mode and it was weak, and I
could not tell where it was coming from (My Beamwidth at 400 is 4 deg so a
sky search is impossible during a LEO pass).  But it definately had
doppler and came and went.  I heard it on two different ocassions.

I suspect it is a much broadband signal and I am only hearing portions of


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