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Web-based SatTrack

Lee Devlin K0LEE wrote: 

> I've sent a few messages to Manfred requesting he put the easy sats on his 
> site but got no responses.  I guess he feels there are more people actually 
> interested in trying to spot satellites visually than there are using them to 
> communicate. 

Manfred seems to be making SatTrack into a commercial product. The
source to
version 3.1 (and the Y2K fixes) is still available many places online
bless open source!). I have it running on several of my Linux boxen. Lou
William's site was a clever implementation of SatTrack in a Web-based
environment, with an HTML form for the input and rendering output as a
web page, really a nice job. SatTrack rocks hard, too.

I hope to scrape together the cash for a real house (vice an apartment)
this spring/summer, and Gwen KB3DVJ and I will likely be putting our
Linux server
on a full-time Internet connection once we're established. At that point
be in a position to put up a service like Lou's, automatically
refreshing the
keps and serving out prediction sheets. I used Lou's site to make my own
sat QSO's, but when it vanished I had to learn to roll my own.

Now, once we can put up some decent antennas...I want an FT-847! 

73 de Maggie KB3DXS

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