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Re: winorb3.6 help

Hello Bob.

04 Mar 00 00:27, you wrote to ALL:

 BJ> I downloaded the program, when I try to run the winorb exe file, my
 BJ> computer says "no file association for extension exe".  What does that
 BJ> mean and what do I do about it.  Be fore warned I'm on the steep part
 BJ> of the learning curve with this @#$$%%$@ computer 386sx w/3.1. e-mail
 BJ> direct. Thank you & 73 Bob...W7LRD

Hmm, I would have thought Windows knew about .EXE files.

The usual method to setup Winorbit is to unzip the archive into a directory of
its own (c:\winorb is a good choice :) ), making sure you include directory
names.  You will need to create an icon in Program Manager for convenience,
though it should run from File Manager, if you double click on it.

To create the icon, use file -> new -> Program Item, then enter the details as
appropriate.  And finally, select the group you want it to appear in (I like to
have a ham specific group).

Been ages since I've seriously fiddled with Win 3.1, I'm running NT4 here.

WinOrbit will be worth the effort, it's a very good program (I use it quite
heavily here to keep track of the birds).


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