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Re: Speaking of antennas...howbout a Lindenblad?

> I've been reading from the ARRL Satellite Handbook about the Lindenblad 
> starting
> on page 10-12.  It looks to me like this would be a very good downlink or even
> uplink antenna for some of the LEOs and requires no rotor for direction.  Has 
> anyone 
> here had any experience with the Lindenblad?  I'm sure your stories would be 
> very
> interesting.

I made a lindenblad for receiving NOAA weather sats at 137.5 MHz once.  It 
worked fairly well when the sats were low in the sky, but wasn't quite as 
good when they were overhead, however when they were overhead the signals 
were usually stronger to make up for the poor performance.  However my 
weather faxes usually had a band accross the middle where I got static when 
the sat was overhead.

   The antenna I made was just made out of TV twin lead tacked onto a form 
made from 2x2 lumber.  It was kind of flimsy.  I'm sure it would work better 
if made more carefully.

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