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RE: Dish aiming

On 3 Mar 00, at 9:51, hdefelice wrote:

> While it is very true that increased gain = decreased beamwidth, increased 
> gain also means increased link margin. The added gain of the larger antenna 
> allows it to be off pointed more than if every dB of gain was required. 
> This is the reason those darn little DSS antennas are so difficult to 
> align.

Not sure that I agree with this.  The little DSS dishes are pretty easy to 
align compared to a big dish pointed at a KU sat, at least with respect to 
finding the signal.  A big dish pointed at a KU sat only needs to be off the 
sat by less than a degree, and you will have lost the signal, while a small 
dish can be off by several degrees and still receive a reasonably strong 

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