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Re: UO-14 tonight

Hello Tony.

03 Mar 00 00:33, I wrote to ALL:

 TL> got it together in good time, and I managed to work one of them for
 TL> his first satellite contact!  Wish I could remember the call, it was
 TL> VK1K?? (VK1KEP?).  He was running handheld in
 TL> his back yard (rather similar to my situation).

The VK1's did resume tonight, but they seem to have downlink trouble.  If
either of the VK1s that were on UO-14 are reading this (at least one indicated
he saw the last post :) ), please contact me via private email, or via ICQ (my
number is 2961582), and I'll try and help get your downlinks going.

Might also pay to tell me exactly what you're running when you do contact me.

73 Tony, VK3JED.  (Looking forward to a real QSO with you guys on UO-14).

.. to, but I have to jog my memory."
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