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Re: Compass corrections

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>  >> > Hello everyone,
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>  >> > Since the original post indicated the use of an Army-type compass
>  >> > (notoriously inaccurate most of the time)

I'm piggy backing here, as I have not found the original missive yet.

as a survivor of numerous land nav courses in 12 years in the US Army, as 
well as having taught same to Boy Scouts a time or three...

The only major flaw that I can think of (beyond the obvious of having a large 
chunk of metal such as a Jeep or a metal framed building near by) would be 
the lack of awareness of magnetic variability...not all civilian maps would 
show the compass rose with the variation on it, and if some one was to need a 
true reading with out knowing to add or subtract the variation....then *any* 
magnetic compass would be off.

By the same token, someone using a magnetic compass to cross check a GPS 
bearing without compensating for the difference between magnetic and true 
would also see their compass as off.


Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
"We must all hang together, or else assuredly we will hang separately!" 
B. Franklin, Philadelphia, 2 July 1776
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