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Re: RS-12/13 question

on 3/2/00 1:01 PM, alf sauve at alf.sauve@wcom.com wrote:

> What are the ROBOT DOWNLink frequencies?

Listen to the published frequencies available on the webpages.

> How do you know?
> Which bird is operational?

Listen to the beacon.  They both have different beacon frequencies.

> How do you know?
> Is it operational on all passes?  All lattitudes?

Yes.  Again...Listen.

> All Longitudes?  Day and night?  Weekdays and Weekends?
> And how do you know?

Listen, listen, listen.  The amateur payloads are part of a larger
commercial satellite.  They have good power budgets and are on all the time.
The only birds that do not seem to be on all the time are AO-10 (for obvious
reasons), AO-27 and SO-35.  Some of the digital birds are turned on and off
depending on sunlight as well.  The RS birds are always on.

> Are all 8 beacons operationall all the time? or just the 4 on the active
> bird?

????  There's only one beacon that I have ever heard.

> Which mode is it in?   K, T, A, KT, KA,
> How do you know?

Listen.  Listen.  Listen.  It's been in mode KA for some time and shows no
signs of ever being changed.

In addition to listening, if you can work the bird with a 15 meter input and
the uplink and downlink frequencies are in RS-13's passband, you are working
mode K on RS-13.  If you can get in with 144 MHz and every thing is in the
RS-13 passband, then you are using mode A.  If you can do both the bird is
in KA which it has been in for a long, long time.



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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