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Re: Dish aiming

>Seems like lots of folks have high hopes for the microwave parts of P3D.
>BUT ... are the average rotators/elevators sufficiently accurate to use
>with the narrow beamwidth of dishes etc ?
Hello Richard,

No problem on the rotors, Richard.....

I think the problem MAY be with the accuracy of the program that directs 
the rotors...the many programming gurus we have on here can comment on that 

I've done some experimenting....Very easy to bias the EL with a positive 
forward weight with the antenna.....Accuracy is about 1/2 degree....And 
with a little work it is easy to bias the AZ with a pulley and a 
weight.....Same error then on the AZ.

Remaining, of course, is the antenna alignment, but I'm hoping that can be 
done with some experimenting, and minor re-alignment.  We have a mico-guru 
here in town, and am hoping I can get him to educate me....There was a time 
when I could barely breathe "up" on 435, but feel pretty comfortable there 
now....Live and learn I guess...

        73 de Dave, wb6llo@amsat.org

                            Disagree; I learn.
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