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Re: Egg Beaters

At 11:42 PM 01-03-00 -0800, Ralph G. Sbragia wrote:
>One of the ways that I have tried to economize when it comes to satellites
>is by constructing my own antennas.  I currently have two quagies which I
>built from the Antenna Handbook and I am looking forward to getting them
>back up on the roof and on the air.
Hi Ralph,
Good work re the home-brewing. I suppose I'm 'dating' myself when I say that
I come from an age when one simply had to home-brew just about everything.
Since the 'egg-beater', 'potato-masher' etc are merely variations of the
turnstile with full wavelength 'cubical-quad' type elements I see no reason
why you could not nest one inside the other. My first rotary beam antenna
was a two-band cubical quad which I built in 1957 to get on our newly
assigned 15 metre band. As I recall there was a 'conventional wisdom' in
those days that dictated the driven elements had to be in line and the
reflectors staggered to aviod interaction. Don't know if there was any
substance to this or not. The point is ... they worked and many stations
were using 3 band quads built in a similar fashion. Helical antennas can be
nested one inside the other very effectively too, evidently with very little

My advice ... give it a go ... and report the results here. I'm sure a lot
of people will be interested. Perhaps some industrious soul could model the
arrangement in MININEC or similar to see the effect.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa Australia

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