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Re: Heavy Use of Birds

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Bob Bruninga wrote concerning FM via linear

> I think it is two things.  Bandwidth of 15 KHz vs 3 KHz means it displaces
> 5 other possible QSO's and the power factor requirement on the Satellite's
> transmitter power budget is 8 times greater (the difference in peak to
> average power of an SSB signal).  Thus combined, the resources needed to
> support FM are 5*8 or 40 times greater, not just the 8 you mention.

OOPs, I forgot to subtract back out the power of the 5 SSB QSO's that it
replaced.  So I guess the above number should be 5*8/5 for a net of 8
times more resources required for FM than for SSB.  Back to Tony's
original number... 


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