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WinOrbit 3.6

I've been playing with WinOrbit 3.6 and I like it alot.  There is one
function that was in Quiktrak that I don't seem to be able to duplicate in
WinOrbit.  I would like to be able to do a "schedule" that basically prints
maybe four lines for each pass.  The first line would have the satellite
name and the second line would would have the pass starting information the
third line would have the pass peak information and the forth line would
have the pass ending information.  What would be even nicer would be if I
could do this for a selected group ot satellites in order of
(time)appearance.  The output would like something like this made up

Time(UTC)     El     Az     Range

21:11              0       355     3000
21:20              36     270     2000
21:29              0       195     3000

22:15              0         30     4000
22:22              36       90     3000
22:29              0         120   4000

22:19              0         45     4500
21:24              8         85     4000
21:28              0         110   4500

22:41              0         15     3000
22:51              80       88     1500
23:02              0         185   3100

I have figured out how to do this for an individual satellite, but I don't
see a way to do this for a group of satellites in the order of appearance.
This is the function from Quiktrak I miss most.  I know WinOrbit is very
flexible, and I am probably missing how to do this.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks and 73,

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