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Re: Unbelieveable! (The strange ops you hear on UO-14).

Dear Ralph,

I believe that many people who are against relaxing exam requirements are
not saying that the new hams will be less skilled than the old. They are
really against expanding the hobby in general.  As more people enter the
hobby, more LIDS enter the ranks, at the same percentage. However, the
resources that we share are not increased.  Before long, we will reach that
magic number of apples that it takes to spoil the whole barrel.  I abandoned
HF phone years ago due to this problem, and that's one reason I moved to
satellites 12 years ago.

I completely understand about the value of spectrum, and that it's at risk..
but the risk of spoiling our resources is real too...

It's the balance that's the key. There are numerous ways to help balance,
some of which you mention...


Dennis - N4NR

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